Welcome to Creating Responsible Children and Adolescents.  As parents and teachers, we are constantly  lamenting the fact that our kids keep doing irresponsible things despite what we say and do. Too often we end up feeling exhausted, discouraged and ready to give up.

The truth is that parenting is the hardest job we’ll ever do, and parenting is the most important job we’ll ever do.  The kicker is parenting is the only job for which most of us have little or no training.  

Raising children is a little like growing flowers. Both take lots of attention, nutrients, patience, and loving care as well as specialized skills to promote healthy development.

In this website, you will learn skills and processes shown to promote responsible behavior, but even more importantly, these skills and processes engage kids in ongoing practice that shows them HOW to become responsible for their behavior and their learning.

In addition, you will find announcements of upcoming parent and educator workshops and courses.