Dr. Judy Harmon-Holmes

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Ed. D.     Professional Development & Teacher Education

M. Ed.    School Counseling (K – 12)

B. S.        Education and English (7 – 12)

My many years of teaching, parenting, and researching have taught me that we adults can not expect responsible behavior unless we are actually teaching our kids HOW to become responsible. Teaching is so much more than merely telling and explaining; it involves a process. This site is all about that process.

In my professional life, I taught English to high school students for 25 years and middle and elementary students for two years . Meanwhile, I earned a master’s degree in School Counseling (K – 12) and a doctorate in Professional Development. Following my public school teaching, I taught college students and teachers for 12 years.  Presently, I teach parent and teacher seminars dealing with skills that teach kids how to become responsible.  In addition, I teach workshops and courses in interpersonal communication.

In my personal life,  I have 3 grown daughters and 12 grandchildren. Through both my professional and my personal experience, I have learned a great deal about teaching kids how to become responsible, and I’ll be sharing some of that with you in my blogs here.  You can also sign up for an existing course or workshop, or  request that one be offered in your area.