RESPONSIBLE KIDS: 6 Steps to Creating Them in an Irresponsible World

Announcing that my book, RESPONSIBLE KIDS: has this fall been recognized for excellence by 2 organizations. In October, the Florida Royal Palm Literary Competition awarded it the Silver Medal in the category of nonfiction. In November, Moms Choice awarded this book the Gold Award for Excellence.

The book is addressed to parents, but is of equal application to educators, counselors, and actually to anyone who is in a relationship of any kind. The 3 themes include the following:

  1. the powerful impact of adult modeling
  2. the ways in which a Parent “lesson p[lan” provides clear guidance for parents and children
  3. the primary and essential role of responsible communication with children, adolescents, and others

Throughout the book, these messages are explained and demonstrated with numerous true examples from my life as a mother, a secondary teacher, and college professor.

Moms Choice

Moms Choice

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